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Nasty Girl (feat. Nite & Day) Paroles


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Paroles de Nasty Girl (feat. Nite & Day)


Nasty nasty

C'mon uh huh
You know I like em when they're *nasty*

Uh huh uh huh uh huh

All I ever wanted was a nasty girl

to make a nigga hot and scream "Don't stop!" when you hit the spot

Ain't a treat wit me cos you see me with the Lock

Ain't gon' leave with me cos you see me in the drop

Ooh I like that when it takes some game

justa get your name don't you see my chain?

Got a lotta ice and she like "Yeah that's nice
I say "Yeah", she said "I'm sorry, you ain't my type"

I want a chick I could holla at, throw a dollar at

If she wanna come chilly, tell her holla back

Got the Ac fo' in the lot, tell her follow that

back to the room, checkout time ain't til noon

"But I just met you" but it ain't too soon

Let's play house, you be the wife, I could be the ???

Chorus: Nite & Day

All I ever wanted was a nasty girl

Someone who can go with the flow with the lights down low, oh

But she can't be easy, sleasy

Got to be based with freaky freaky


Excuse me Miss, you never heard me say I was rich

I just talk like this and walk like this

All I ever wanted was a nasty chick

who gonna strip when I say so, skip when I say go

Creep when I say no, uhh uhh I ain't think so

Party just beginnin, I'm thinkin bout it in us

As I don't drink or smoke, I'm thinkin bout women

in back of the truck, wit her legs up (That's right)

Sittin on 20's and she don't want money

She knows I'm a freak so she brung a friend for me

>From around-the-way girls to a Playboy bunny

Use to be too thin to win but now I'm chubby

Just like a teddy bear, all the girls love me

Wanna play wit me, hopin, can't hit me

If I got enough money maybe she could stay wit me


Tell me the truth, are you waitin after the show?

Cos you after my doe and an asskissin no

Let me know, do you want cash from the doe?

Is it sex or pay cheque you askin me fo'?

Pretty chick, don't you think that I'm serious?

I heard a lot about you, ain't you curious?

How you, shake your hips and you, lick your lips

Would you, give me a kiss if I give you my chips?

Ain't that type of girl, let me save you a trip

What if I was broke, all that I could give you is dick

I need a girl that's gon' still be, bout it bout it

No doubt about it, can't live without it

Sex me in the SC, so well

she need to ask me how she played, no replay

Playmate of the month, all she need is a pimp

I'm like the nastiest nigga since Larry Flynt

Chorus (x2)

Outro: Kasino

Kasino like a nasty girl

Nigga Lock love a nasty girl

Mike P'll love a nasty girl

Jive Records like a nasty girl

Everybody like a nasty girl