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1200 Miles Away Paroles

Kasi Calvin

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Paroles de 1200 Miles Away

I know its only Friday
but I wish it was tuesday night
your the best thing thats happened to me
and I cant help but make it right
youre leaving on that jet plane
told me you'll be back in due time
but baby im missin you already
and you aint even checked your flight

1200 miles away
missin you more and more each day
left with nuttin to hold
and I cant make you stay
sittin here lonely as hell cuz
your 1200 miles away

530 in the morning
I kissed my heart goodbye
and i watched her walk away
as she headed towards that sky
i walked back to my car
put the keys in and drove alone
the worst feelin ive felt
coming back to an empty home

Chorus x2