Way Low  cover

Secret Paroles

Karl Wolf

Album Way Low

Paroles de Secret

At my age the funerals and weddings start
I've lost my place
The book of youth, I've read it cover to cover
And I've had my share of lovers
And I've had my scares and victories
But the next in the series I've yet to crack the spine
I need my own Jesus Christ
But everybody is a Judas Iscariot
The weight and burden boy well you're gonna carry it
So help me God
This cross I bear is bearing down
The price I pay
If no one's there to help me down off the crucifix
I know you have your reasons for doing this
But let me first make my case for forgiveness
Because it feels like the rest of the world has passed me
My mind is numb
I bite my tongue
I kissed the son of God and gave up eternity
Selfish and wasteful
So punish me I'm lost and week
The cost I bleed
I'm scared to see what waits for me
But I hope it's not tired of waiting
The tongue of a serpent, the heart of an angel, the victim
of circumstance
When blood turns to water, forgot how to love turned
my back on my father
Please forgive me