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Circus Man Paroles

Karen Lehner

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Paroles de Circus Man

Ladies I require your attention

Before you step into his parlor like a fly

Your sweet innocence has filled me with
a cold apprehension

I don't want to hear your heart break and cry

If you can learn from the lessons of another

Then I pray, I pray that you will learn from mine

I was once like you - content

That is until I met

The muscle man that caught me with this line

He said,"Hey Baby, I'm a Circus Man,

If you know what I mean.

Well I guess I should have run away right then

But then he smiled at me and gently took my hand

And he was wearin' those tights

Ya know, that fit him just right

And I could measure how this evenin' might end

And then he took me to his place

beneath the moonlight

And he wrapped his arms around me just so

Then I was wearin' this thing

Ya know with a couple of rings

And he was sayin' "Baby, now I'll never let you go.

Oh no, cause I'm a Circus Man...."

So he took me to his loft, his little play ground

And he pulled me close beside him, just us two

I thought, 'How kinky can you get,

I mean he's even got a net.'

And I was wond'rin' what he wanted me to do

I'm ashamed I guess to tell you all what happened

I was a victim of desire then and there

He had me hangin' from my knees

I was beggin' "Baby, baby please!"

Next thing I know I'm makin' circles in the air

Right there for my Circus Man

If you know what I mean

Oh yeah he's a Circus Man

He'll take you higher than your wildest dreams

Look, my mama never told me it could be like this

Yeah, I never ever heard her say

That all the muscles men develop

They can keep so stiff

That you just can't pull away

Hey, it's literally impossible

I'd like to tell you that I kept 

some sort of distance

That I was never just a play things for his charms

But then he said that word

Hep was all I heard

And I let go and I flew into his arms

The arms of a Circus Man...

Now, I admit that I was happy there beneath him

In fact, I never felt so satisfied so fine

But when he started to let go

I wasn't ready and I said,"No!"

But he said, "Sorry, there's another girl in line."

And as he pulled away I tumbled, tumbled downward

I felt so cheated but I really could not blame

For I know deep in my mind

Hey, a hard man's good to find

But it's something that they never can sustain

Not even a Circus Man, if you know what I mean

Oh yeah, he's a Circus Man

Who'll take you higher than your wildest dreams

And I've met some Circus Men

And made them MY Circus Men

And all of those Circus Men

Took me higher than my wildest dreams