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I Want to Win Paroles

Karen Kilgariff

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Paroles de I Want to Win

I want to win, I just want to win
I want to crush you 'till your windpipe caves in
And I want to be the prettiest person at Earth Cafe
And I hate Tina Fey, I know that's taboo
So if you don't like it, you can fuck you
'cause I want her money, her glory, her baby, her dog, and her job
And if one more person tells me I have to watch Modern Family
I am going to buy that gun I've had my eye on

I once loved a boy, he did not love me
In retrospect I would have to agree
But you can still bet the next one I met, I put through the ringer
Yeah, 'cause that is the world, that's how it works
Every heart's broken and everyone's jerks
And money don't change it, drugs can't erase it, you can't blog it away
And if one more person asks me what I have been working on lately
I don't think I'll ever stop crying