Paroles de Yellow

We are an acute triangle
That only has two sides
You are such an acute angle
But I am obtuse sometimes

Took a trip to the doctor's
To get immunized for the flu
It took me out for a week last year
Til I told it, "So sorry but we're through"

Put some baking soda on my teeth
And danced out in the sun
But they didn't whiten under the bright and
Alarming yellow

I lost my wallet
If I don't find it, I am really, really screwed
Cause how can I pay to take you out for coffee
If I lost all my loot?

We are a parallelogram
Made up of just two lines
I'd mention being perpendicular
But I'm not that kinda guy

If I'm a girl then I'm Santa Claus
But then I'm not a boy
Gender ambiguous and broke
I'm my mother's pride and joy