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For The Kill Paroles

Kai Niezgoda

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Paroles de For The Kill

Did you think I always woke up
On the bright side of the bed?
With a mouth full of music
And an eco-friendly engine in my head?

Did you think I never wrote
Words like poetry and wove them into
Sweaters and scarves
That are lovingly ugly
And not made of anything dead?

I've got a hole in my pocket
And a stomach full of promises
I always knew that I could never keep
I am a vampire
When I go in for the kill
It's when you least expect it
Cause the undead never sleep

Will you disappear into the back streets and the bed sheets of my mind?
Will you run until your lungs are burning
Run until there's nowhere left to hide?
I will jump up and down until the mirror shakes
I will deflate you now till your balloon heart breaks

I've got a hole in my pocket It's when you least expect it cause the undead never sleep

Shine a light, shine a light on me quick
Before I'm gone