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Infidel Anthem Paroles

Johnny Rebel

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Paroles de Infidel Anthem

We're gonna catch Osama Bin Laden, hang him by the yin-yang!

We're gonna fuck Bin Laden, and make the little bastard pay! (CHORUS)

We're gonna kill Osama Bin Laden, hang him by the yin-yang!
He can run, he can hide, we're gonna catch him anyway!

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan...he's being hidden by the Taliban

Well, the Taliban, they gotta be nuts! Cause America is gonna fuck you up!

And meanwhile, under a rock...the motherfucker's in total shock! (VERSE 1)
Cause Uncle Sam's gonna fix his clock

So believe everything we've said...Osama Bin Laden's gonna wake up dead!


Meanwhile, where the camel's roam...where the terrorist's call their home
We're gonna make that cave his grave!

He's gonna get all fucked up! The little sonofabitch don't know what's up!!!!


Bin Laden, you raghead ...FUCK! You're life is fixin' to suck!

You're gonna go down, Bin Laden, and that's a fact!

An ass-kickin' is comin' to you! Took your best shot, but now you're thru! (BRIDGE)

This is America, boy! Didn't you know that!!!!

Meanwhile, in the U.S.A....we've only gotten stronger today

Helping each other, working things out. This is America, there's no doubt.
And meanwhile, back at his tent...they wonder where Osama went? (VERSE 3)

He must have got the message we sent!

"Bin Laden, you snake in the grass! America's comin' 'round to kick your ass!"


You can run, you can hide, we're gonna catch you anyway!!!!