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Hedy Lamarr Paroles

Johnny Depp

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Paroles de Hedy Lamarr

This is a song for Ms. Hedy Lamarr
Erased by the world that made her a star
Strung on beauty, trapped by its web
She's a perfect cocoon twined in gold thread
The music is spectacle, the thoughts too pure
The letters of being her exotic galore
Was torn at the seams for daring to dream
It's so hard to speak when you're frozen in scream
Yes it's all that it seems
Feels like a dream
But it's life, and it's death
[?] like baby's breath

Don't believe
I don't believe
Humans anymore
Don't believe
I can't believe
I won't believe
Humans anymore

So hard to talk when no one will hear
And everyone stares as you quiver in fear
It's shameful, shameless, painful, painless
This song's for you Ms Hedy Lamarr
How bright your eyes, those lost white knights I don't believe
I don't believe in humans anymore
Don't believe
I can't believe
I won't believe in humans anymore
Not anymore

Stripped of belief
A thief is a thief
Who's gonna stand up
To give you relief
Of all dispossessed
It's so hard to digest
You've no right to sit down
If you're nobody's guest