Paroles de USA

In the world we don't know, made of deserts and pain
Where despite all the faith, needs of screamings remain
For whatever you do, efforts are all in vain
You are doomed from the start, maybe God is to blame

In the bundle he packs, nothing more than a dream
Of a country where earth is not dirt but all clean
He's so poor and so young, he's got nothing to lose
Just the piece of his mind, but no way he can choose
There's a treasure he keeps very close to his heart
It's the paper that says he's allowed a new start

But long is the road,
Hard is the way,
Heavy my load,
But deep is my faith,
Long is the road

And the California scene with a girl in blue jeans
Chevy's a goal with a bar and a phone
Give up your pride to be on the right side
Cash is the key and each hope has a fee
And Hollywood's a proof of the price
Lift up the hood, truth is not very nice
But no one cares bout the cheat and the lies
If there is gold, they'll give in till they die But deep is my faith,
Long is the road

Got my shoes,
Got my head,
Nothing to lose,
Oh my lord
Got my faith
Got my lord
And I pray