Paroles de Resentment

I wish
I could believe you
Then I'd be alright
But now
Everything you told me
Really don't apply
To the way
I feel inside
Loving you was easy
Once apon a time
But now
My suspisions of you
Have multiplied
And it's all
Because you lied

And I may
Never understand why
I'm doing the best
That I can, but I
Just can't seem
To get over
The way you hurt me
Don't why
You gave another
Who didn't mean I thought
I could forgive you
And I know
You've changed
As much as I want
To trust you
I know
It ain't the same
As before
This woman came
I loved you
More than ever
Than my own life
The best part of me
I gave you
And it was sacrificed
When you broke
Your word that night

And I only give you
A hard time
Cause I can't go on
And pretend like
I don't remember
Like I was no good
Like I couldn't
Do it for you
Just like she could

I know
She was attractive
But I was here first
Been riding with you
For years
Why did I deserve
To be treated
This way by you
I know
Probably thinking
What's wrong with Jazzy
This sounds
Like a fifties record
But that's
Alright with me
Ooh, yeah

(Thanks to Rafael for these lyrics)