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Please Don't Be Paroles


Album Bloom Mountain

Paroles de Please Don't Be

Move like a typhoon
I’m just a flame
Smokey by nature
Charmingly sane

See golden empires
Queens burning sage
Boys with their desires
Hearts in a cage

Please don’t be
In love with someone else
Please don’t be
In love with someone, love with someone else
Else, else, else

Bury the answers
Burn all the proof
Fly by my feelings
Land on your moon

I’m going back home
To tell them the news
If all is so damn fair why does
Somebody always lose?
Else, else, else

‘Yes’ was the answer
Love’s not a game
You’re the contestant
He was the fame

I found a new tone
You left your sage
To hell with my desires
They were the cage