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Rowdy Road People Paroles

Groovy Aardvark

Album Sévices Rendus

Paroles de Rowdy Road People

Rowdy road people
They stop and go
Not long enough to say hello
They more or less take over their
immediate surroundings
Rowdy road people
Stinking up their ugly vehicule
Lids low, concentrating on the gas needle
Another tank full

Hanging on a hefty cloud of promises and hope
Their legendary six moon salute thru the window
A freak peep show

A clear display of that subtil north of the border way
They won't stay more than a day
But still you can't forget the face
Of these J Master Gonads

Rowdy road people
Despite what they say
Will scarf down any liquids that hit their way

Ordinary people hope to god their kids
won't be this way Can't say the pay is great
But the boss is always out
Permanently out