Eater's Digest cover

Daymare Come True Paroles

Groovy Aardvark

Album Eater's Digest

Paroles de Daymare Come True

I've been arrest in my quest
For a great deal of time
My senses are numb and I ignore what I've become... lifeless
Remember it with me, y'know misery loves compagny
They told me ti get out
It was time for me to fly and learn what it was about
But fill'em in on the answers, if they came to me
Although it's harder when you don't know the question to ask
It's the uprise of my downfall, of my downfall
Of my fall

I owned the earth, the skieds, the seas
For me to touch, feel and believe
I could be part of it all
To clearly make it out

I owned a mind to choose my way to greater heights
End the inner fights
I dreammed, I was dreaming, I was dreaming
It cleared away my tiring fears
I saw proof that I'm the only one
to fill the holes I dug on my own
And make a choice
To be my own voice
As to what are my right and my wrongs
My rights and my wrongs To the signs of my times

... Or part of the feathred kind, communting by ways of air
Fly through a cloud and crash against the cold bricks
Of a skyscraper

The will to serve my next of kin has hit an all time low
I cut my heart while picking up the pieces
Of a fragmented dream put together
Could free me from this daymare forever

I owned the earth, the skies, the seas
For me to touch, feel and believe
I could freely reply
To the signs of my times

"...Last Call buddy..."