Eater's Digest cover

Burning Rubber Paroles

Groovy Aardvark

Album Eater's Digest

Paroles de Burning Rubber

Proud owner of a set of wheels
Faster than my sneakers heals
Hear 'em shriek as I hit the breaks
Couldn't care less 'bout all your headaches

I burn the roads, blacken the streets
Make designs no one's ever seen
Pit stop, gimme somethin' leaded
The sixer's gettin' me revved up

There's an old man ina remote place
Got tires hoggin' up all the space
Don't have to tell him the sky's a mess
From you it sounds so shameless
Man, you could not care less
You couldn't care less

When the tire lines are to erase
I'll meet the price to see them changed
heave the old, in the pile
Millions have been here, so why not I ?

It just took a match, look at 'em fry
A priceless painting we've all signed
Long black streak across the sky
I hop in my car and speed out of sight Won't hear 'bout disturbing you
There's an old man in a remote place
Got tires hoggin' up all the space
Who'd thought he'd become a national disgrace
You couldn't care less, don't tell him in his face
You could not care less