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Naturale Paroles


Album Then I'll Be Happy

Paroles de Naturale

I know one day
That we'll
Have to give em' hell
But for now
I gotta fuck it up myself
When you told me every person has a
I do as well - oh
I miss my old friends
I hope they see me doing better
Wish I told them
When I was feeling sentimental
Never folded
Cause all the shit we had was special
Might just be coincidental
But now you're fucking up my mental

Used to have time in my hands
Now I need time in advance
Cause I been blowing through bands
And I been fuckin up plans
Cuz I been on one baby
And I know that you gon' tell your friends
I been on some latley
Cause you were always the one You look at me as the enemy
Just for me to react
I finally think this the end of me
And I'll never come back

Burn like a molotov
I think we should call it off
Don't think we should carry on
Guess I'm happy that you're gone