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Deal With It Paroles

Frou Frou

Album Off Cuts

Paroles de Deal With It

Do I really know you?
I feel as if I'm outside looking in
To something very beautiful
Is there any room in there for me?

Calm, calm, calm, calm

Oh, deal with it
You deal with it
'Cause I'm too hurt

Were you ever happy?
Was it only me just loving you?
I don't wanna ignore it
Why you making out like it's nothing?

I don't wanna be here
No, I don't wanna be a part of us
I've had enough of fighting
Mm, I don't even know the reason why we are

Calm, calm, calm, calm

It's pouring down
Oh, indicate
We're pulling over
It's pouring down
Oh, indicate
We'rе pulling over
It's not safe to move