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Beast Paroles


Album Spalarkle

Paroles de Beast

點起煙 we on the mission
全街道 on fire, no Kawasaki all my chiggas still skr like a ninja
You see it, you see it
我 T-shirt still YAT PIT 手扳機 still 一ノ
The Drag-Town we living in, living wit’ 傲慢與偏見
Somebody died for the freedom
Somebody died for the 鴉片the opium
This is my mosh pit you better go open up
Ah shit
I got a voice in my head 在放大
瞳孔在放大 made me a killer, killer
月圓之下feeling iller and iller
衝破我皮膚 長出了九頭九尾 , feeling like 蠪蛭 ah
Pick up my .9 and killin’ em 狗頭狗尾 係呢個龍鎮ah
My silk on silk, 將要燒嘅燒, if you feel you feel ah huh
Imma just eating and tearing you up
世界太絕望 it turned me into monster
鱗片和皮毛 快變成了防身
Coming get you and 六親

I need that water and water and water and water
I want her I want her I want her I want her
I’m feeling like 熱黃鬼 then imma ghost hеr
Ether in my cup, next imma eat hеr
Love shit gon’ fuck me up 令我變成了做怪物 我失了心 God damn we going hard
Ninja we blowing
Hot ninja we blowing
Eating the beat like I’m 饕餮
I hold heat 我掏鐵 and tear up the whole place
We tear up the whole place
留下兩點係頸 Whole lotta red, on that vampire
I’m in pain , 樓下兩點 get the fentanyl