Paroles de Mene

How does everything start and end?
Come gather now and lay this beast to rest
I kept hearing trumpets, got my hearing checked

My father spoke of prophecy
To think that I believed is self-centered of me
There was something I was trying to say
But then I choked on it and now it's getting kind of late

We walked to the edge but we never leapt
What seems to you when you disconnect

Written on the wall
The letters plain and tall
This is my own fault
We don't feel anything (x4)

I still cower at eternal wrath, though
Don't want my fear to become my shadow
I want to invade my thoughts
I want to die in Kyoto

The ocean never sleeps or dreams
It never stops to ponder what it sees
Committed to its satellite
No one can move you, man, and no one's ever gonna try Written on the wall
The letters plain and tall
We don't feel anything
Not gone but fading fast
So let me put to rest
The only question that you'll ask
We don't feel anything (x9)