Paroles de Try Me

You know
I can see it too
I'm dancing
All around you
I know what you want
come , find me
I'm dancing


Try me baby
I'm not an easy pleasure baby
So lick me up and down and maybe
I'll make it come true now
right on baby

Try me baby
And keep on movin' slowly baby
I feel you push it on me , maybe
I'll give it to you now
right on baby

Ah ah ah ah ah!!!

I don't mind 'cause
I'm a fool
Tell me all your fantasies
I'll fulfill them
I'm your dream
Touch me there and go deep with it

Repeat Chorus:

Put me on you, upside down
Make it soft and make it hard
I don't care about who's around

No regrets I swear to you
Tell me what a man can do
Grab me there
hold my body in you

Repeat Chorus:

Keep, keep on moving
I'm pushing on me out there

keep, keep on moving
I'm pushing on me here (x2)