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Woman In White Paroles

Zombie Sam

Album Self Conscious Insanity

Paroles de Woman In White

Woman in White
I don't know who you are
I see you every night over there, next to the mirror
I talk to you, I want to see you more
No matter what I do, you look so good, you move so fast
I don't need to scream, I dream while I'm awake
There's nothing more to do there's nothing more to make
I don't feel confused, I've nothing to pretend
The only thing I need is not believe but to understand...go!

Oh shit! I misunderstood
She's my girl, she likes to play
She dresses white clothes and makes me go crazy
She makes me go crazy
Sometimes my girl fades away
Somehow she starts to play
Somewhere I find the signs
Something is shaking my mind

(Thanks to Sam for these lyrics)