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Paroles de Hey General

Won't you realize at last
The man before you haunts you from your past
See it was your gun that took the life of his son
Now as he hold the shining metal
To the far side of your head
He says, “There's a chance to spare your life and you're not as good as dead”

Now I don't mean to pry
But can you tell me why
We run in fear
From the shadows you cast
And I don't mean to pry
But can you tell me why
You can't see that we fond our lives

So back into the shoes of another
As that child clings for protection in its mother
See the father and the brother
Were shot down by another
You call his acts a crime
But if you take the time
He'll feed you the same line
The line embedded in his mind
Be kind, look at the sign, and see he is not fine
For the UN white and blue
Has not revealed the truth For the way to truth is through its key
But there you won't find me just a manifest destiny
To the left (to the left) a genocide recipe
Just mix and stir with the right faces in the right places
And you'll see what I mean
Oh they'll make you plea
Yeah they'll make you plea

Hey General
Won't you give me this chance?
Can't you see that I'm begging you?
At last, so
Hey General
Won't you put me in the front line?
Can't you see its time for me to fight?
For others lives

So go

(Thanks to Matthew for these lyrics)