Paroles de Rat In A Maze

I'm on a helicopter
Then I'm in the Scottish regiment again
It was a dream, but it felt so soddin' long

I found you at Oxford
And Daniel Faraday you were a professor there
I'm in the sick bay on a ship and I'm not where I belong

It's the side effects of the sickness of a love
I know is true
It's time that keeps me from you

But Penelope time can't come between us
Oh no, you're my constant and you never ever change
And Penelope I'll call you in future
I'm not crazy, but I feel just like a rat in a maze

I know about Eloise, she died after she served her cause
I just hope that that doesn't happen to me
I know I can't change the future
I say that for one second and then I pause
Cause if you give me your number then all is not lost

Cause time is a fake distance between me and you
Let's set our watches back and start anew
Yeah, I feel just like a rat in a maze