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No Place Like Home Pts. 2 & 3 Paroles

The Others (Lost Band)

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Paroles de No Place Like Home Pts. 2 & 3

Jack there are miracles all around you
Just wait 'till you see what I'm about to do

And I don't know how I can prove it to you
Maybe if the island could move, would that move you
I took the elevator to the Orchid station
Alpert shot Keamy and thought he was dead
and Ben showed me the orientation
But you got to shoot Keamy in the head

And deep down in the depths of this place
there's a wheel that can move you through time and space
that if you turn
you can never return

Time traveling bunnies are par for the course
when you've seen the things that I've seen
Break through Dharma go straight to the source
but John it's cold where I'm going

John I'm leaving you the island to keep
and I don't care about the people on the boat
so before I descend into the freezing deep
just let me stab Keamy in the throat
that's a good time to get your stories straight
just lie to everyone the way you lie to you
and say

We're going back let's follow Jack
and pretend that everything's great

and deep down I think we knew what it meant
when the sky turned purple and the island just went
that we had learned that we could never return