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Never Say Never Dude Paroles

The Others (Lost Band)

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Paroles de Never Say Never Dude

Being chased by cops in my Camaro
Trying to get away from you
You were standing there, by the Ho-Hos
What do you want me to do?

Did I tell that once upon a time I won the lottery?
Now that the money's all gone, I will be free

Oh Charlie, I will see to it
That you didn't die for nothing
Oh Charlie, I will do a cannonball for you

I went with Locke to the barracks
After I saw Jacob's shack
You scared me so
Man you wanna know
I would've rather had Dave come back

And Jack came by to see if I was crazy
Find out what I was gonna do
He said that we were never gonna back
Never say never dude

Oh Charlie, you're dead and I know you can't be here now
Oh Charlie, I see things so clear now
I'll count to five and you'll be gone