Paroles de Flash Forward

Pack up your things and let's go for a hike
Three of ours are staying behind
To shoot tents loaded with dynamite
And blow them all to hell

To say Ben is lying is a pretty safe bet
That leaving the island would be a regret
I love Kate, but I kiss Juliet
Maybe it's not so bad, after all

Thanks to Charlie
We might be going home
Tell John Locke I will write
I will write
Island address unknown

Flash forward now and these pills are my friends
Guess that I should have listened to Ben
Want to tell Kate that I love her again
But I've got to get back to the island again

Driving around, I think I'll jump off a bridge
Car crash, saved a woman and kid
But it's too late now to change what I did
Hey, Desmond can you explain this time travel thing?

Hello, Kate, I've been flying a lot
Using the Golden Ticket we got
I may look like shit, but you still look wicked hot
And we've got to get back...