Paroles de Success

She's so famous she said to me,
"James," it was one of her favorite phrases
"I ain't going down so easy this time."

"I'm the greatest!
And if it's a contest,
well nothing succeeds like success."
"I ain't going down so easy this time."

And maybe it's true
that silver is you.
And, yeah, maybe it's me.
Focused on the sea
And not the fish in the seas
or the birds and the leaves.
But always the trees.

Well, I don't know what you're about,
but it's alright.
Whether you're wrong or right
but then all night...
I've been counting sheep.
I got no sleep.
I've been out all day,
I've been all but gone.
And it's all I need and it's no fight.
You only wanted change,
well you're alright.