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Nature's Girl Paroles

The Jelly Jam

Album The Jelly Jam

Paroles de Nature's Girl

[music by The Jelly Jam, lyrics by Ty Tabor]

Eternity, Infinity, morality in effigy
Conformity, conspiracy, minority in effigy
She lives in her own little dream world
She fell from the family tree
And wants to see how it will be in effigy

She... she is nature's girl
She's a mystery to all around her world

A refugee in poverty and rhapsody in effigy
With sorcery and decency
... Her chivalry in effigy
She'd like to be big as a mountain
Her life is as big as a sea
But bravery and mastery elude the key
... In effigy

She... she is nature's girl
She's the apple that was placed inside our world