Paroles de Maybe

At almost any time there's too much on my mind
So much it makes it hard to think
And just like most any day the same things come my way
And after all I'm on the brink
But I'm paralyzed by something less
And I can't get over emptiness
So I dull the pain and ease my brain and the time I'm
Feeling strain of something

If I had the time to ease my mind then maybe
I would fly
If I had a way to help me stay then maybe
I would fly

So once again today I got in line to pay
For everything I ever do
Even tho I feel alright and I've said I love my life
I'm happy when I think of you
But I'm still afraid to leave my cage
And I just can't seem to turn the page
You know I'm feeling every bit my age
And just can't put my finger on that something

If I make believe its summer time then maybe
I would fly
If I ever knew it would be fine then maybe My life's just one big roller coaster
I ride and ride it carries me
But I'm free...
To be lonely again