Paroles de Easter Flesh

Thrust your hand in the hole in the side of the Lord
Feel his Easter Flesh and bone.
Be reborn in the blood, the burghundy flood,
The haemoglobin ebb and flow.
How his hallowed bones ache, they rattle and quake,
Beggin' \"Brother, reach out your hand!\"
His broken hearthpump it bleeds, it setthes and intercedes
On behalf of the otherwise damned.
So vomit your lies, like the thief at his side,
How His skin, it hangs not in shreds.
It's just sad, you see, you and the Saduccees
Deny His Easter Fleshly bread.

\"A hypnocrite, an idiot, a Judas Iscariot!\"
The victory song demons cheered.
But be now set free, sip blood and eat
The Easter flesh that's fed the centuries.
The torns in His brow made clear to you now
As the scales fall from your eyes.
So kick down the door,
Doubting Thomas no more.
Join the saints to meet Him in the skies!
Vomit your lies, like the thief at His side,
How His skin, it hangs now in shreds.
It's not fair, you see, how scribes and Pharisees
Deny His Easter Fleshly bread

(Thanks to Robin Isaksen for these lyrics)