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I'll Be Your Home Paroles

Rin Oikawa

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Paroles de I'll Be Your Home

I'll Be Your Home Lyrics
Don't look back
Don't regret
Time's falling out of these hands
I'll let you leave me
Go on,
You know home is always inside your soul
All the light to bless your way
Don't be afraid
And I'll be your home
In this time
In this place
This moment is all we have
And tomorrow we never know
Every precious time
Let it go
Somewhere away
You will learn, and you'll love,
Forgive the past and you can move on
All the distance
You've come to a place
Then you see that your home is away
Now the sun is rising
Lighting up your sky again brightly
Every precious time
Let it go You know Home is always inside your soul
Wherever you go
Whatever you see
I'll be the place
And I'll be your home.