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Rapekissing Jesus Paroles

Remembering Never

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Paroles de Rapekissing Jesus

I will never sleep again until i rest in piecesi place the blame solely on your handsfor no reason or a purposei'm plagued with endless callousnessjust one sacrifice can't justify the raping of my lifeyou've cut my wristsyou've done the dirty work for meyou've taken it allyou've taken everythingmy tears have burned cleendry and sear holes in my fleshi want to leave this placei have nothing leftcut my throat one thousand timesto be with her once morewhen all was said and doneyou killed two birds with one stoneno omore perfect memoriesno more fucking tearsno more memoriesmy own tears will be thoughts of you and your perfectionthe sound of her voice is comfort to my earsi've got one bullet and the barrel aimed at your hearti'm killing you like you've killed mecut my throat one thousand timesempty salt through your handsto make you feel like memy last wishto see your dead fucking body