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Remembering Never

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Paroles de Feathers In Heaven

eyes like an angelblood runs like a whoreyou put your hands on my chest to push yourslefoh so higher never looking back on the holes you leftno matter how many big words that you usei have something for youunder my bed and i'm playing our songits not enough to feel you from the insidei want to see itthe halo on your head was held on by hornsyou'll never see me commingnow you might as well do it yourslefyou've tried before a thousand timesim sure you could try just once for me, will you please?i know you're scared and you should bekind of like the words you saidthe night you decided you were too good for mein a world where friends means enemiesand love means murderyour last breath will fog my knifeyou told me everything but the truthbut why should you change for me or anyonethey know the likes that come from that gapwhat i wouldn't do to taste your blood