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Remembering Never

Paroles Adolescense Repressed

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Paroles de Adolescense Repressed Sometimes murder seems so close.Did you think if I let it slide I am not the same person?Year to year I never grew up right.Childhood bliss, hardened heart.I am not the same.Day to day burdens of repetitive violence.You are the king of the block.Who am I?Don't let me see you alone.Don't blink, I am damned if you blink.Walk with others or walk with the devil.I swear you will pay for your sins.Good things happen to those who wait.I have waited long enough.Die for everything you have done.You lived by the gun.I hope you die by one.I have a conscience or I would do it myself.I have a conscience or I would do it myself.I am never the same.

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