Paroles de Alisons Song

I'd love to drown you in a sea of your own bloodkisses to me and watch you choke on ithow many songs do you wish to be written about you?this isn't the first and it wont be the last babyhow well you fake a smile and some tears to matchyou wanted everything and moreeverything is ruinedwhen i have you againyour're mouth gets sewn up foreveri'll never let you goMrs. hardcore fashion showkiss your drama queen days good-byethose days are so long gone and this day so are youthis is the last night your neck is not serratedthis charade is getting older than suicide attemptssay you love mesay you love me and write it in your bloodand you know whatsay it againse how fast your chest collapseswe are all the lucky onesand i'll decorate myself with your insidesand i can wear your face as a maskdont cryyou just got what you wantedhow cool you look nowhow much better would you look with your heart lodgedinside the brand new cut in your throatyour body is as blue as your hair