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Castles in the Sky Paroles

Reaching Koda

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Paroles de Castles in the Sky

Fall from such great heights
When your fingers slip from fear
This will help you float away
Into starry nights and city lights
Laid out so far below
Glowing In the night, it's another way to fall
Keep from wanting hands and darkness

Revive the eternal light
The music calls its waking song
In a place you do not know
Where towns are carved in cliffsides
But you are not alone

Glowing in the light, its another way to fall
Saviors in the dark will guide you home

You are the only one, point us to that place, won't you point us to that place?
Help me believe in things unseen, and castles in the clouds

Starry nights, and city lights
There's castles in the sky, there's castles in your eyes