My Kind Of Music cover

Different Kind Of Cowboy Paroles

Ray Scott

Album My Kind Of Music

Paroles de Different Kind Of Cowboy

I ain't ever lived in Texas
Or rode across no dusty plain
I ain't drank water from no cactus
Or been inclined to rob a train

I'm a different kind of cowboy
A tumbleweed out in the wind
In this Carolina country boy's heart
The Lone Ranger rides again

I ain't too forward with the ladies
I flash a smile and tip my hat
But I've been findin' out here lately
There's still a few that's into that

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, I got a hundred horses, a couple sprockets and a chain
Love the sound of chrome pipes rumblin', the smell of gasoline
I'm gonna ride off in that sunset
Yellin' yippie-ki-a, yippie-ki-a

Repeat Chorus