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Yeah Freestyle Paroles


Album The Grass Green Over Here Manye!

Paroles de Yeah Freestyle

Know I'm saying, the name of this one called Yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Chopper in my pants, fo' in the morn'
Dame on my phone, telling me she wanna bone
Could it be the chrome, or could it be the stones
And made her give me head, put it dead on her dome
Drop my screens down, that mean I'm finna shine
If the screens ain't down, that mean I'm finna grind
Playa what you saying, I be fly to my spine
Boys talking down, bet that nine will align
Ways on my mind, and I stay with a dime
And I'm talking bout dro, or that they ain't really fine
Nigga what you saying, I be shining all the time
When I hop out on the block, all the J's going blind
When I'm in the booth, heads finna jerk
Messing with my loot, lead finna squirt
And it's wet on the land, naw I don't even surf
Boys riding blue and white, high as a smurf
Two from the dirt, wood finna work
Holla'd at my boy, for the good that's the purp
Horse on my shirt, J's on my feet
AK's on the seat, lane-lanes on the street
Boys ain't ready, for a nigga like me When I pull up in the whip, sitting crooked in the V
Pulled Alicia Keys, she begging saying please
Cause a nigga break bread, and I'm finna make cheese
Grill stayed freeze, I'm a M-A-C
I got G-A-T's, please stay away from me
When I'm in the drop, rims go chop
Open up the trunk, trunk gon knock
Taper to the fade, scraping on the blades
Can't stay clean, if you don't stay paid
Look up on my shades, diamonds on the side
All you see is bling, when I'm driving on the slide
Girlfriend calling, but my celly on vibe
Red's in the back, and the finna go live
Like it's back in '95, but it's 2006
Know a couple boys, moving things to get rich
Need to hit a lick, yeah need to make a grip
Playing with my money, need to take a trip
Draped and I'm dripped, from head to the toe
Peanuts on my seat, but it's lead on the flo' boy

Ay, log into and holla at your boy mayn
Stop tripping yeah, as for the shout out's ha-ha
What up Stay Fresh, what up God Damn Deep
What up T-Bone, thought I forgot about you huh
What up O, what about Dizzie from the Boot mayn
Lil' Boosie what's up baby, we keep it moving boy yeah yeah