10 Ans Ça Suffit Paroles

Patrick Bruel

Paroles 10 Ans Ça Suffit

Paroles de 10 Ans Ça Suffit More than just dissatisfaction with politics;we ask the politicians to shut up. No morel ies,bigotry and corruption that they receive salaries for,a normal person can't even imagine.you can speak as a manyou can walk as onecan be proud of your pastand the things you've doneall I read from your lipsis sweeter than gingerbreadMr. President, I'm awakeshut your mouth, for God's sakeSHUT! SHUT! SHUT!SHUT YOUR MOUTH! SHUT, OH PLEASESHUT YOUR MOUTH! SHUT, SHUT UP!you promise good, promise workmoney for everyonebut the best jobs in townare for your daughters and your sonswhy do you get the mostin this motherfucking land?well, because all you giveis flowing back to your own handSHUT! ...

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