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Blood Wedding Paroles


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Paroles de Blood Wedding

Do you take this Woman?I said yes i do
I love her like crazy&I think she loves me too
But we'll do without the family
if its all the same to you
happy ever after
Your Mother is a flake
my Father is a shite
Your sister said you married me in white
just for spite
Well a Party's not a Party till it end's up in a fight
Happy ever after
And there was my lot and your lot
and us two in between
This is the last time i get married
(please god)
this is the last time i get married
My brother's never short
of a substance to abuse
Rum&glue&Thunderbird&wizz&Special Brew
Any minute now he'll show us all of his Tattoos
happy ever after
Nephews are obnoxious,nieces are too tall
A dozen drunken uncles
are pissing up the wall
Grandad is grinning
but there's no one home at all Kiss me & don't forget
What you see is what you get
And the best man is the worst man
the best man is a beast
Underneath the table
with the sister of the priest
The was he's going at it
she is probably deceased
happy ever after
Granny's on the Brandy,getting bleary-eyed
Guys i went to school with
want to see me outside
Someone's pulled the bridesmaid.
Any seen the Bride???
Happy ever after