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Paroles de I Fought The Lloyds

This is a song for anyone who's currently spending their leisure time trying to get their bank charges back - Rubbish!
It's a long hard road and I wish the best of luck to you, and I hope my story inspires you in your times of need.
Cos I fought the Lloyds and the Lloyds lost
They even paid the interest and the court costs
At first they sent me letters saying 'Dear Sir/Madam, get lost'
But I fought the Lloyds and the Lloyds lost
At first I tried to call them, they made me listen to Elton John
I even went along in person and they said, “sorry Sir but the first rule of banking is the bank is never wrong”
So I crawl home, turn the web and mitchell on
Open up Mozilla and go to MoneySavingExpert.com
Where they made my heart beat far faster
With their talk of the banking charter
Yeah I fought the Lloyds, but I could have had Barclays
And I've noticed HSBC has been getting a little bit sarky
It's time us clients to alliance and lets just show them who's boss
Cos I didn't think I'd win but, guess what? Lloyds lost!
Oh... uh oh uh oh oh uh oh oh oh overdraft
Oh... uh oh uh oh oh uh oh oh oh no I'm overdrawn
But my life got so much better...
When I logged on and saw those sexy little template letters...
It's us against the banks, time to sign that petition
And play this song outside your local branch till they listen
Come on you bankers! Give us our cash
Cos we won't stop singing till we get it all back
Yeah I fought the Lloyds and you can do it too
Tell the listening bank it's time to listen to you I fought the Lloyds were for the journey, but they're not
Cos I fought the Lloyds and the Lloyds lost.