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The Anthropology Song Paroles


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Paroles de The Anthropology Song

You said, you'd finally heard these voices in my head.
Or, at least, i think you did

I'm so easily confused,
An inebriated fool
Who doesn't know his right from left
Or often right from wrong.

Once, and i quote,
i just read this thing you wrote in college.
( ) critique, anthropology,
Being accepted, his social science.
Not the art of educated observation.

All the things that we can learn about ourselves through the context of someone else

Another vaguely remembers
Swimming naked with strangers,
One summer night,
On that ill fated tour.

Those were formative years,
And maybe thats why
I like to drink my beers warm,
I like to take my pants off,
And I like a little ink on my girl.

I always thought id end up owning my own boat before a home.