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Tomorrow's Secret Paroles

Out Of The Ordinary

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Paroles de Tomorrow's Secret

Gather round and listen closely
Cause now I have a story to tell
We all know that life means mostly
It shows us it hurts to say farewell

One day I looked at the ones I love
I realized am not tuff enough
One day they won't be there
And while they're here I don't even show I care

So you shouldn't take your loved ones
Lives for granted, Lives for granted
They may be Alive now
But life's not enchanted
What happens if they die?
Before you can tell them why...
It is that you love them so...
They will die and never know...
So tell them how you feel
It will make your life ideal
And in there heart is where you'll stay
Forever it will be this way

Tomorrow's secret could kill
The sun may never rise
Who knows if its Gods will? So give your love to a friend
So that they may carry on
Even when you're gone
And I know it's sad to say
But life can sometimes be this way....

But now don't let reality get you down
Pick your self up off the ground
Cause tomorrows secret might not be so bad

And the sun will probably rise
Like before you'll open your eyes
Cause tomorrows secret might not be so bad