Paroles de Luna

Verse 1: (Rudi and Kristen)
If you've been bitten by a gnome on your thumb
If from your ear hangs a dirigible plum
If you can detect nargles in mistletoe
If you can see those thestrals
Chorus: (Rudi, Katie, and Kristen)
Head on to the dance floor
And raise your arms high
And wave them around
Like you're trying to fly
Put your wand behind your ear, now
Don't be shy
Do the Luna
Do the Luna

Verse 2: (Katie)
If you attend weddings in fluorescent clothing
If you've never seen a snorkack but you keep hoping
If you read magazines upside down
If kids take all your stuff but you never frown


Verse 3: (Katie)
If you wear butterbeer corks as a necklace Chorus