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Don't Let It Show Paroles

Osmo Ikonen

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Paroles de Don't Let It Show

I'm starting to rise
I think I'm getting close to the surface
I'm still far from perfect
but i think im ready to breath again
trying to find colour and light in this darkness
searching for my senses
i think im starting to feel again.

I think im ready to face the pain
to start all over again
ready to find dry land and learn how to swim.

So if you still love me, don't let it show.
'Cause I love you enough to let you go

all these thought in my mind, they trying to find the right address.
Just looking for purpose or just something to hold on to.
All of these roads
I don't know where they go,
I'm blindfolded, all alone in the darkness
but I'm ready to take the first step.

I know I'm ready to take this train.
Don't care how much i might lose or gain.
I don't know where I will end, but I can't look back anymore.
and if you still love me dont let it show...
cause I love you enough...
I need to let you go...
It's time to gooooo..