Hold Space For Me cover

Sailing Paroles

Orion Sun

Album Hold Space For Me

Paroles de Sailing

Neighbors yellin' through the walls
Listen close, I hear it all
You ain't have a job in so long
You know we gotta pay these bills
Why you keep on takin' pills? (Yeah)
Don't you know that I need ya?
Don't you know that I'm hurtin'?
Need ya, darlin', it's not worth it

I hope they lookin' for me
Like thieves in the night, they keep on stealin' from me
Let's agree to disagree, don't ever silence my chi
They want a ransom, but if you make it yourself, the beat is free
So I've been out here for days
Don't think I can come home unless I change up my ways
I'm sailing, lost at sea, but it's been ok
Lighthouse, I know they lookin' for me

Sailing 'cross the Atlantic just to gain new perspective
I go where the wind go, hope you learn all your lessons
Plastic bag like a tumbleweed, aquatic depression
I guess they finally found me, I hear the rescue procession
It go

I hear them waves crashing, oh
Help is on the way, help is on the way Listen close, I hear it all, yeah
You ain't have a job in so long
You know we gotta pay these bills
Need ya