Paroles de That Was Then

I would lie awake and cry at night
But that was then and this is now
I had an anger that was strong enough
And i would face the things i run from now
And everything we did was wonderful
Now its practical and i don't know how
All the moves we made were done for love
Now its not enough it seems somehow
And all the feeling that i knew would last
Well they are gone where are they now
And you were beautiful and dangerous
And now you've sacrificed some sacred cow
And i would listen to the things you said
They all made sense why don't they now
Not a penny in our pockets then
We never worried so why do we now

Standing tall against my destiny
Oh i had visions and i could see
I would walk a thousand miles for you
But that was the, that was then
And this ins now, this is now
Look at me now
This is now

Over decades things are changing me They are not important now time has run out
And only memories are left with me
This shallow history becomes my destiny
I would lie awake and cry all night
That was then this is now
This is now