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Whore Of The Country Paroles

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Paroles de Whore Of The Country

Waiting for the time to sleep
No relaxation under nailed sheets
The regiment is powdered just right
Dissimulated the facts so they can steal my rights

This dawn the sun only rose halfway
It looks like it's gonna be a half day
Blinkers and dissonance removing their wits
Instincts of joy as their tankers hit
They hit home
Remorse is unknown
Chilled to the bone
My disdain has grown

I went on this trip not knowing where I was going to land
Would I dismiss their victims' blood or would I lend a hand
I went on this trip expecting to obtain peace
I couldn't hide from them, my blueprint is in pieces

So here I am now, a bitter sketch of what I used to be
I feel almost nothing now
Only a subdued reflex of contagious aggressivity

The streets are alright
I can finally seek light I could never vote their laws
I could only bitch about their flaws

I'm heading to tall mountains where cars cannot drive
Abrasive foundations in comparison to my dirt thin pride
They have their goals and I have mine
But they are thousands while I only have a single life
I leave home
All that they've shown
Sharp yet undertoned
A knife to cut through my own

So here I am now, shivering despite the burning bomb weather
All my horizons have died now
It's stage two in my rational, national disorder

Like broken dreams
Like hurricanes and screams
The hand that signs the paper
Is the one that will choke the mother

Recount all the votes
The population wants to slit some throats
We could even elect a goat
Not much different from the animal that we first chose

So here I am now
Dried up and shaken
I will nod to everything they say
It doesn't mean I will comprehend
Anything they say

So here they are now
An army of breathing targets
Nodding to the human drum
It doesn't mean they will regret
Everything they do

You took my rights, you made me blind and soon you'll steal my life!