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Paroles de Wheel Of Unwinding

“Wheel of Unwinding”

So the wheel's jammed for now
And I'm happy about it
It was crushing everything I have
In it's path
And I've been searching for a dream
To motivate myself to obtain
But it's not easy to think
With so much inner pain
(It hits all of us at once)

Seconds into hours
Hours into days
The waiting becomes intolerable
And the clock wound up so much (that it broke)

This wheel.... of unwinding
How long will it turn?
It started spinning hard
And now everyone's been hurt
Time will unwind all the moments I did not rejoice
If at least....I could make a single choice

The wheel is turning again Is it safe to go inside?
I could crawl in the ruins below
But that would be far too slow
(And time is so scarce)

All I've ever feared
Is being scared itself
The drama turns into a horror show
And the cameras give up (so they blow)


Its motion sickens me
It sickens you
It sicken all of us
But what can we do?

I have no clue
On how to stop its cycle now
I guess we'll never know how
It's time for everyone
To face the truth
And let time unwind
Let time unwind
The fucking device that made us lose our minds