Paroles de Stonesong

When the smoke clears and you can't find yourself
You'll wonder what went wrong again
Living low and resisting help
Is a way to lose all your friends
It's time to get out of your antique shell
Yet I know there isn't a chance in hell

Once again you fell
Feeling so unwell
Get back on the track
And put the pieces back......together

You're like a car with cut tires
In a race you have no choice but to lose
Life moves like a raging fire
While you're stuck in a windowless room
How can you expect to obtain any trust
When your own thoughts are starting to rust

If you were made of glass
We could so easily make you crack
There's no improving in failing
There's only gratitude in
And it hasn't been your day
All of this will stay the same....
Unless you change your ways

Word has it you got up this morning
And you felt so despaired
So you packed up all your things
And left the house without a care
I wonder where you went
Must be to your next accident

(the stones breaking your shield)

No one can help you now
It's you against yourself
Yet an other endless self-war
Detrimental to your health

(the stones breaking your shield)

We tried to help you for so many years
But you just didn't want to hear

(the stones broke your shield)


In a world where cold technology leads the way
How can expect to survive holding on to tradition?
Sympathy's dead, respect is dead......
Consider yourself dead.